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All in one ERP, CRM, HRM software

Your one stop solution to manage Team, Projects, Tasks, Finances & more.Our aims are Sky High! "We are committed to provide you an application which works best for your business."


StackSuite is Where Team Works Together.

All You Need To Know About Stacksuite

Leads Management:
The Leads Management module is designed for organizing and tracking potential business leads.
Client Management:
The Client Management module facilitates the organization and tracking of client-related information.
HR Management:
The HR Management module assists in human resources-related tasks.
Employees Manager:
The Employees Manager module is intended for managing employee information.
Real time message sections helps team members to discuss quickly with eachother.
The Attendance module enables tracking and monitoring of employee attendance.
Automate billing and revenue recognition to streamline the contract-to-cash cycle.
The Holidays module assists in managing and tracking holidays.
Ticket system to raise issues, track and solve the issues.
Projects and Tasks:
Users must utilize the Projects and Tasks modules to organize and track project-related activities.
The Timelogs module enables users to log and track time spent on various tasks.
Events Management with Calendar View:
Ticket system to raise issues, track and solve the issues.
Notice Board:
The Notice Board module is for posting important announcements and information.
Users can generate reports from various modules for analysis and decision-making.
Push Notifications and Email Notifications:
Users may receive push and email notifications for important updates.

Supports All Devices

Stacksuite can be accessed on laptop, mobile or tablet. Our responsive design ensures clear data visibility on all types of devices.

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Non-Redistributability: Stacksuite is strictly non-redistributable.
Support Services and Code Amendments: Support services will be terminated immediately if any modifications are made to the code by developers other than StackExpert.
Annual Support Renewal: Annual support is subject to renewal.
Data Leakage Disclaimer: Stackexpert will not assume responsibility for any data leakage if the client opts for personal hosting.
Licensability and Ownership: Stacksuite is licensable solely in terms of support services, and the client will obtain ownership of the code.
No Hidden Charges: There are no hidden charges associated with Stacksuite.

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